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10 great reasons to go to Scotland

Strong, courageous and standing: A new referendum on the Scottish Parliament’s departure from Britain was resolved. No to Brexit, they say yes to Europe. There are many reasons to travel to Scotland. In the report we compiled from the DW you will see that Scotland is much more than visually.


The capital city of Scotland, 1300 years old, is a city full of culture and history. The castle, the old town center and the museums are making Edinburgh one of the most popular tourist spots in Scotland.

Scottish Parliament

This futuristic building on Edinburgh tour is also worth seeing. The building has been home to the Scottish Parliament since 2004. In this assembly on March 28th, a majority of MPs voted for a new referendum on independence from Britain.


The mountains, wetlands, eyebrows as far as the eye can see … This was the scene of the struggle for liberation of the Scottish people against the British for centuries. In the mountainous regions of Highland, where former clan chiefs were withdrawn, today there are peaceful walks in untouched nature.

Hogwarts Express

For those who do not want to hike, the train can be a good option. The Jacobite Steam Train is more commonly known as the Hogwarts Express. Harry Potter films, the historic train and the rugged beauty of the Highlands all over the world.

Lake Ness

It is believed that in Ness lake in Skoko there is a monster called Nessi. Even though I do not see him until now, Nessi is coming back every summer. The historic Urquhart Castle near the lake is one of the most beautiful remains of Scotland.

Highland Games

Rope pulling, tree trunking, rock transport and other interesting branches. Every year, nearly 100 Highland Games are organized. In the photo we see a man carrying a Scottish skirt. The Highland Games were part of the Clan Meetings in history. Today it is a popular event for the public and tourists.

Blair Castle

Scotland gives the feeling that there are many castles in the country. Blair Castle is one of the most beautiful. The castle, which dates back to 1269, has been rebuilt several times. A collection of weapons and an exhibition of stuffed game animals can be seen with 32 fully equipped rooms.

Callanish Stone Circle

Who could have thought that the Scots were a stone circle? One of the most impressive examples is Callanish on Lewis Island. The monument, which consists of 50 giant stones, was planted about 5 thousand years ago. The Stonehenge monument in England is about a thousand years younger but more famous.


These monuments of modern times are in Glasgow. After the economic crisis, Scotland’s biggest city has a new image. Modern architecture and designs dominate the city. The Clyde county was established in the old dock area. The two biggest event halls in the district are the most noticeable in the district.

Scottish Viscose

It is called “Life Water” and is the national drink of the Scots. There’s a whiskey distillery house over in Scotland. A variety of viscous and filling shapes can be tried numerous times. A beautiful holiday is waiting for the promised and sympathetic hosts of Scotland to visit.


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