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Affenpinscher Details & Specifications

Affenpinscher takes the nickname “Monkey Dog” from the outside. Affenpinscher; Like all other “toy size” dogs, it is lively with high energy, strong feelings and vigor. As you move from one room to another in the house, you observe and look into your eyes with your toy for struggling and playing with it. There are joyful things that make people happy.

Affenpinscher Physical Properties

Small, Square Body is in dog class. Round head is covered with long fur. They have dark eyes and black noses. The ears are straight upwards or slightly sagging. The necks attached to the head and torso are short and straight. Their backs are inclined from top to bottom. Strike the tails often.
Height: 23 -29 cm
Weight: 3 – 4 kilograms
Color: Gray (Ash color), Black, Bronze and Silver
Origin: Germany
Affenpinscher Characteristic Features
Atik and Kıvrak (enough to catch small rodents)
Affenpinscher Exhibitions Behaviors

Unlike other well known basic behaviors of Terrier raki dogs, Affenpinscher can relate well to other domestic animals. Barking and climbing in the house are at the forefront as negative behaviors. The bonds that people build with their owners are very strong. They have a quiet temperament. When they perceive an attack or threat, they are brave. They attack. Affenpinscher is ideal for families who are tolerant, cheerful, fun-loving, energetic and have a sense of humor.

Why do you prefer Affenpinscher?

Affenpinscher is loyal and loving. There is a conservative and observational structure. They are sensitive to the slightest movements and voices that can occur in the home. They react immediately. They want to protect themselves and their environment by becoming aggressive at the time of attack and threat. They have excellent tracking skills. Ideal apartment-house dogs because they can live in small spaces. At the same time they help control pests, rodents and insects for the home.

History of Affenpinscher

The “Affenpinscher”, called the ape-dog, is used in rodent control in areas such as barns and fields in Europe. The farm enters the doggy class. Later, they became ideal apartment-house dogs. It was registered by the AKC in 1936 and took its place among the Dog Breeds.

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