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Afghan Hound Details & Specifications

Their origins date back to the ancient Egyptian civilization. It has been repeatedly depicted in Papirus, and North Afghanistan has been reported to be more than 4,000 years old.

It is forbidden to remove the dogs from the area where their pureblood is preserved. For this reason, only at the beginning of the 20th century was Europe stolen.

Apartments are not suitable for life. They need big space. They can live in indoor and outdoor environment, but they like to live freely outside.

They are brave, stubborn, sweet, sensitive, very intelligent. They are skeptical of strangers. He must be polite during his training and if he is not taken seriously enough he will not listen and he may be commanded.

Faithful, compassionate and sensitive. They can run all day as much as possible outdoors and enjoy the wide range. They need to run at least 30 minutes freely within the day.

Other Names
Afghan Hound, Hagi, Baluchi Hagi

All colors, provided there is no stain


Release date
Many times old times

The hunt pointing dog, the southern (hunting pointing dog)

Original Function
Rabbit and deer hunt

Today’s Function
Betting and game contests

Life Forecast
12-14 years

Weight (male / female)
26-28 / 22-24kg

Boy (Male / Female)
66-71 / 61-66 cm

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