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Akita Dog Details & Specifications


akita-dogAkita is a beautiful, fearless, dependable and calm dog. Its muscular built, large size, and intelligent look makes it an ideal watchdog for families. They are quiet but alert. Akit a dogs do not have a dog odor and often clean themselves like a cat.

Their webbed paws make them excellent swimmers. Japanese mothers trust Akita dogs so much that they sometimes leave their children with the dog to watch over. Akit a dogs make strange noises sometimes but they are not loud barkers.

Origin and History

Akita dogs originally came from the Tohoku Region of Japan, particularly in Akit a Prefecture. They were used as hunters and watchdogs by the people of Akita. The dog was first transported to the United States by Helen Keller.

She was given the dog as a gift from the people of Akit a, when she visited the Akit a prefecture before the onset of World War II. Currently, the Akita is considered the national dog of Japan. This type of dog is not common in many countries around the world.

Details and Specifications

Akita, also known as Akit a Inu or Akit a ken, is an extra-large dog, measuring 26 to 28 inches in height and weighing 75 to 120 pounds. The female Akit a is slightly smaller. Its height ranges from 24 to 26 inches and weighs 75 to 110 pounds. Their hair is medium in length and it sheds moderately. The hair color can be white, brindle, red fawn, and sesame.


Akita dogs are generally great as family pets. They are very dependable and quiet, but can alarm owners when danger is present. They are very loyal, watchful, patient, and good with children and other pets when socialized early. They are also intelligent dogs and are considered a first class guard dog by many Japanese mothers.


Training the Akita dog requires owners to be firm and powerful with them because of the spontaneous and strong-willed characteristic of the dog. The owner should also be patient when it comes to teaching the Akit a to obey because this type of dog can get bored easily. However, because Akit a dogs are so intelligent, they can learn things quite easily.

Caring and Nurturing (Haircut, Fur Treatment, Washing…)

The Akita dog has a double coating. This would imply that brushing should be done often, but bathing should only be done when necessary to prevent the waterproof properties of the coat from getting damaged. This dog sheds heavily twice a year so extra brushing is needed during those periods.

Common Diseases

There are few conditions that Akita dogs are very prone to. These would include Acquired Myathenia Gravis, which destroys protein in the muscle, Hypothyroid disease, which affects a large number of Akit a dogs, Uveo Dermatological Syndrome that affects the dog’s nose, paws and eyelids, and other common illnesses such hip dysplasia, eye problems and von Willebrands disease.

Food, Equipment & Games

Akit a dogs, like their owners in Japan, usually eat natural food such as vegetables, rice, seaweed, fish and other meat such as pork and chicken. Other meat such as beef and horse meat are strictly prohibited. Two regular meals a day is enough to avoid obesity.

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