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Alcohol and Substance Abuse

What is addiction, what are the reasons?

Addiction is the continuation of use of a substance even though it negatively affects life and health. One characteristic of addiction is that it can not stop itself after it starts to use. Addiction is a brain disease and must be treated absolutely.

Dependence has behavioral, social, biological and genetic causes; But no causal dependence alone is enough to explain. Although there are many factors in the conversion of substance use into addiction, it is basically a biological process.

Psychological characteristics, genetic susceptibility, environmental factors, accessibility to the material, family structure, social environment and cultural characteristics are the most important factors in the person’s starting to use drugs and becoming addictive.

Who gets addicted to drugs?

First of all, we have to point out that there is a risk of being dependent on everyone who uses substance. There is no safe material to use. However, individuals who are impulsive, seeking innovation, easily taking risks, poorly structured adolescents, neglected adolescents, substance use as a method of coping with stress, and genetic predisposition are at much greater risk.

How does addiction develop?

Addiction is a vicious cycle. One is curious about the matter first, but at the same time, he is afraid of the effects of the material.

If one feels curious and fears that “something will happen from nothing,” the person who starts using it will think he will never use it once he has tried it, but it will not come to an end.

In the next step, the person denies that there is a problem with substance use and believes that he can leave control when it is in his or her own hand, and he believes it. The warnings of the people around him are nothing more than a remorse.

People who develop substance abuse get more and more because they design their addictive items.

They go through an ever-wasting effort to release or use in a controlled way. They spend a lot of time getting, using, or getting rid of the things they use.

As a result, they disrupt their daily work. Students’ school continuity and academic performance diminish, conflict with family. The group of friends changes, do not come home late, do not lie, they spend a lot of time in the room.

Adults start to experience problems in the workplace, do not spend enough time on their families and ignore them, they are constantly in conflict and debate. In addition to all these, they continue to use substances when they know that they have physical and psychological problems.

They decide to leave many times but they can not make it. They feel guilty and unsuccessful because they can not succeed. They get more substances to get rid of these feelings.

How old is your addiction starting?

There are studies in many countries related to the age of onset of addiction using many statistical methods.

The results of the ESPAD study, which aims to investigate the substance use profile and frequency among 16-year-olds who are currently studying in 6 different countries selected in different geographical regions in Turkey in 2003, indicate that the age of addiction is falling.

Is addiction genetic?

Scientific research shows that some people are predisposed to addiction. How is that possible? Individuals with abnormal genes for any reason produce abnormal protein, which causes abnormal enzyme and abnormal receptor formation.

The resulting abnormal enzymes and receptors cause irregularities in the neurotransmitters of the pleural and reward pathways of the brain (carriers between the central nervous system cells). As a result, there is a ground for loss of control over substance use.

Therefore, the use of substance by genetic predisposition does not only lead to chemical disorder, but the processes leading to addiction fires. But today’s technology and possibilities are not enough to say exactly who is genetically predisposed. For this reason, the use of alcohol / substance involves many risks.

What are addictive substances?

Finally, anything that is rewarding can become addictive. If we can not just reduce it to matter, it will be more accurate than the new material, the new, accessible material.

Tobacco, alcohol, ecstasy, cannabis, heroin, cocaine, bonzai, inhaled substances (bali, uhu, gasoline, paint remover, ether, halothane etc.), LSD, GHB, some types of fungi, ketamin , Anabolic steroids, methamphetamine.

In recent years, substances which are chemical derivatives of cannabis and which have not yet been identified by routine toxicology tests have begun to be used.

But nowadays an increasing type of addiction is internet addiction. It has begun to be very common, especially among adolescents and young adults.

While betting and gambling are the old types of addiction, online betting has also been added. In addition to computer games , Internet addiction, virtual shopping addiction constitute the types of addiction that should be treated.


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