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Alcohol Dependence and Treatment

Alcohol related problems are found in every social class. In the United States, alcoholic-related disorders have been found to have a decline in socioeconomic levels due to the use of alcohol as a repetitive.

High school alcohol related problems are associated with school difficulties. The risk of alcohol abuse is high when you leave the school or have serious absences and criminal records.

These epidemiological data are consistent with alcohol-related disorders and high rates of antisocial personality disorder.

Psychiatric diagnoses most commonly associated with alcohol related disorders are; Other substance-related disorders, antisocial personality disorder, mood disorder and anxiety disorder.

Although the data are controversial, it is suggested that people with alcohol-related disorders have a higher rate of self-slaughter than the general population.

Effects of pregnancy alcohol on baby

The alcohol passes directly from the mother’s blood to the baby’s blood through the placenta and is equal to the amount in the mother’s blood.

Alcohol taken in the early stages of pregnancy may cause central nervous system damage due to the toxic effects of cells in the period when the cell proliferation is rapid from the second trimester of pregnancy to the development defects of various organs due to the effects on cells during organ development.

The risk of dying of the baby increases with the alcohol effect in every period of your pregnancy. As the amount of alcohol consumed per day increases, the risk of undesirable situations in the baby increases in a linear relationship.

However, a safe subdivision for the amount that can be taken daily is not yet established and is not likely to be set in the future.

Alcohol taken during pregnancy may have an effect on a spectrum of babies beginning with a low birth rate and extending to severe sequelae such as intelligence.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is defined as the most advanced state of abnormality that alcohol creates on the infant. It is estimated that fetal alcohol syndrome is present in 1000 live births in the world.


Although alcohol use is as old as human history, alcohol dependence has recently been perceived as a disease.

The definition of addiction syndrome was first made for alcohol dependence. It is a condition with many physiological, behavioral and cognitive changes that occur during the use of alcohol and which take priority over the behaviors pre-valued by the person.

The main descriptive feature of addiction syndrome is the desire to drink alcohol. This request can often range from a desire to take alcohol to a desire to take an alcohol.

According to World Health Organization diagnostic criteria (ICD10), if three or more of the following persons are present within the last year, then they are called alcohol addicts.

There is a strong desire to drink alcohol

Difficulty in controlling alcohol intake behavior (unable to adjust the amount of alcohol taken, unable to adjust the duration of use, attempts to quit unsuccessfully)

Typical withdrawal symptoms when alcohol abuse is abated
Increasing amounts of alcohol (tolerance development) in order to obtain the necessary good state with alcohol (comfort, intoxication, pleasure)

The time and effort spent to acquire, use, and conceal the effects of alcohol increases steadily to the point that it does not involve other interests
Continue to use alcohol despite mental, social and physical harm resulting from excessive alcohol use

Alcohol addicts experience both medical and social consequences of long-term alcohol use, as well as inadequate control of drinking behavior and physical and psychological addiction to alcohol.

Loss of control over drinking behavior constitutes the boundary between alcohol abuse or harmful use and alcohol dependence.

Usually alcohol use is between 20 and 35 years. Alcohol dependence is not generalized for the development of alcohol dependence, but regular intake of alcohol is required for 5-10 years. Disorders related to alcohol use are seen in all socioeconomic classes



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