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Border Collie Details & Specifications


border-collieThe Border Collie

The Border Collie is a very energetic and well-balanced working dog. Their instinct to work is very natural. They are highly intelligent dogs that like plenty of exercise and that love to work, whatever that work may be. Because of their intelligence, they cannot tolerate a home with no activities.

This dog always wants to be busy and wants to serve its owners every day of its life. When they become bored, they can be destructive and would even attack anything that moves in its surrounding including children.

Origin and History

This dog hails from Northhumberland, border of England and Scotland. It is a very old bread dating back to 1500s. They are said to be used by the Vikings in herding. Their mesmerizing stare is enough to put order among the cattle. They are now used in police operations, bomb and drug detection, as well as guides for the blind.

Details and Specifications

The collie is a medium size dog with a very workaholic attitude. Their hair can be medium or long, and it sheds moderately. Their hair comes in various colors. It can be a combination of black and white, red and white, chocolate and white, blue and white, tricolor, and saddle highlights, but not pure white. Male collies grow to a height of 19 to 22 inches while female collies grow to only 18 to 21 inches. Male collies weigh 30 to 40 pounds and female collies 27 to 42 pounds.


This dog is very well-known for its instinctual drive to work all day. They are very active and love to play in spacious areas like the farm. An apartment is not a suitable place for this kind of dog. They want to be with people all of the time and love doing rigorous activities with them. They are perfectionist dogs, and want to please their owners. They should have enough activities to keep them from getting bored. A bored collie will always herd anything including children.


Collies are highly intelligent dogs and training is not a problem for them. They want to show off so tricks can be very interesting to them. Trainers should be firm and consistent. A regular person would have difficulties training the collie because of its manipulative character. They need a lot of motivation and treats.

Caring and Nurturing (Haircut, Fur Treatment, Washing…)

Two to threes times a week brushing is enough because the collie’s hair is capable of shedding dirt itself. Bathing is only done when necessary. Ears and nails should be checked regularly.

Common Diseases

There are some medical conditions that collie owners should be aware of such as hip dysplasia, eye problems, deafness, and epilepsy. Generally, they are quite a healthy breed, but sometimes they can suffer from osteochondritis dissecans, a lameness that affects joints, which is caused by over-nutrition and excessively rapid puppy growth.

Food, Equipment & Games

The Border Collie likes to eat anything. Owners must make sure that the food given to the collie is rich in protein and other essential nutrients. An occasional bone treat is also recommended to keep the dog busy for hours trying to lick the marrow inside.

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