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Can HIV Be Spread Through Oral Sex?

oral-sexThere are lots of myths we all like to believe. Some myths just make us feel good and believing in others allows us to do things that we really know we shouldn’t do. Like having unprotected oral sex, because the short answer is: yes, HIV can be spread through oral sex.

Granted, the chances of contracting HIV through oralsex are not as great as the odds of getting it through vaginal or anal sex, but there are many well-documented cases of HIV being transmitted through oral sex.

It’s impossible to quantify what your chances are of contracting HIV if you engage in oralsex with a partner who is infected. But any chance at all is too much, isn’t it?

So what can you do? The only sure-fire way to avoid the possibility of getting HIV is to abstain from having any form of sex. If that isn’t going to be an option in your life then you need to take alternative measures which will at least reduce as much as possible your chances of contracting this deadly disease.

Do not have oral sex if you have cuts or open sores in your mouth or throat and especially don’t have oralsex if your mouth is bleeding or if there is blood on your partner’s genitalia. Do not, however, feel that you are safe if there is no bleeding and you have no cuts or sores in or around your mouth – because you are not.

The HIV virus can live in semen (cum) in pre-ejaculate semen, and in vaginal secretions. The virus can be absorbed through the lining of your mouth regardless of whether or not there are open sores or cuts in your mouth.

If you are performing oralsex on a male insist that a condom be worn. A condom will not offer 100% protection against the spread of HIV during oral sex, but a condom is your best line of defense (other than abstinence).

A condom works both ways. A condom protects the person performing oralsex from coming in contact with the HIV virus through oral pre-ejaculate semen or with the semen itself. The condom also protects the male from HIV entering his body through the opening in the tip of the penis.

If you are performing oral sex on a female, use a barrier, such as a natural latex sheet, a dental damn, or even a condom which has been cut open so it forms a square. A small sheet of plastic food wrap could also be used. The idea is to prevent vaginal fluids from entering the mouth where they can be absorbed by the lining of the mouth.

Again, this is a two-way street. The barrier protects the person perform oralsex from getting vaginal fluids orally, and it prevents the HIV virus from the person perform the act from entering the woman’s body through the lining of the vagina or the cervix.

The same precautions need to be taken if performing oralsex anally. A latex sheet, a dental damn, a condom cut open so it forms a flat square or a small sheet of plastic food wrap needs to be in place between the person perform the oral sex and the person receiving it.

HIV is a serious disease. There is no known cure at the present time. Don’t risk your life based on faulty information. Always use protection, no matter what type of sexual encounter you have.


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