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How is asthma treated?

Asthma; It is a disease that can be easily controlled and treated as long as the disease progresses and does not go into irreversible phase. In the vast majority of regularly treated patients, asthma can not affect life negatively.

However, incomplete or irregular treatment or the use of unconscious medicines may cause the progression of the disease to progress, the number of attacks and the severity. This causes the patient to live with constant breathlessness and other complaints. Drugs used in the treatment of asthma are mainly taken by inhalation and these drugs can be treated in two groups.

C1885 AK Asthma Character_CS In the second group, symptom reliever, ie patient comforting medicines. These are also medicines that are used by inhalation and are used in the manner prescribed by my physician when an attack sign appears.

The effects start within 1-2 minutes; The patient’s breathlessness, wheezing and coughing are reduced. Symptom remedies do not generally have the effect of treating or controlling the disease. The first group of drugs include sympathomimetics such as salbutamol, terbutaline, and so on.

In the second group, there are medicines that treat or control the disease. Most of these are used by inhalation, but there are also tablets or some injectable medicines. The course of the disease and the quality of life of the patient are mainly determined by these drugs.

All triggers that make control difficult in asthma treatment need to be removed. The most important of these is smoking cigarettes. Smoking has proven more frequent episodes of asthmatic patients, more frequent hospitalization.

It is also known that cigarette smoking causes asthma to develop resistance to inhaled steroids, which is the main drug, and therefore smokers are less likely to respond to treatment.

It is therefore necessary to remove triggering agents, such as occupational conditions that make asthma control difficult, allergens that the patient is susceptible to, and polluted air.

Allergic rhinitis occurs in about 60-70% of asthmatic patients. Untreated allergic rhinitis makes asthma control difficult. Gastroesophageal reflux, chronic sinusitis, postnasal discharge may increase the symptoms of asthma. Therefore, if there are such accompanying diseases in the asthma patient, it would be beneficial to treat them.

In children, asthma can be temporary, especially in the first 6 years. Since most asthmatic children have mild or moderate disease, they can be easily controlled with low doses of drug treatment. Drugs should be used exactly as recommended by my physician.


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