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How to Prepare For a Phone Interview

Telephone meetings are moderately straight forward and even the most able hopefuls can get rejected amid this phase of meeting in the event that they are not very much arranged with an expert state of mind.

Telephone meeting is similarly as essential as an individual prospective employee meet-up on the grounds that a fruitful meeting will get you to the following phase of the enlisting procedure.

Lots of companies consider it as an effective form of per-screening and short-listing candidates for the next round. From my own experience I can understand the nerve-racking feelings that you get during the phone interview.

No matter how tough the tasks look like, you need to crack it through in order to get into the next round. Since it is your first and last chance to impress the employers, you must know how to prepare for a phone interview.

The best benefit with the phone interview is that the interviewer can’t actually see you and you are primarily judged on your confident voice and answers during the conversation.

So, the importance of a phone interview cannot be undermined and you should prepare for it, as you would for a personal interview. In this article we have adequate information that will surely help you through your next phone interview to be a great success.


When it’s about the phone interview, the most important thing that counts is the confident voice. For good results you need to practice your voice well before the interview so that it sounds clear, confident and refreshed. For assistance you can call your friends or relatives. A far better option is that you sing aloud.

Try different tones and pitches before your gear up for the phone interview. This was a tip from my friend who is a professional phone interviewer and recommends exercising the voice before the call.

Singing is also considered as a good exercise as helps you to stretch your vocal muscles. It provides you with the proper energy platform that you need to ace your phone interview. It also lowers your stress level, leaving you excited and ready for your interview.


The most important thing that you need to do before the phone interview is to list all the topics that you believe should be vital during the process.

Having a proper printout of the important things that need to be covered during the interview is always recommended. Make a proper list of these vital things and cross them as they get completed during the interview.

The other thing that you should have is a proper copy of the resume you sent to the company. Having a printout is more preferred in case you don’t have a good internet access during the interview. It will help you look into the details that were provided by you in the last round of the interview.


Many job seekers mistake trying to fit a phone interview during their unsuitable timings. An interviewer might not be too punctual with the time and might be running a few minutes late.

The golden rule for phone interview says that the more time you spend on the call; the brighter are your chances of getting proceeded. So be sure that you have at least of thirty minutes for the phone interview.

Always prefer a location where you have plenty of time for yourself, so that you get the maximum time at your interview. It’s important to make the call in an environment with minimal noise and where you can speak at a reasonable volume.

Also be sure to use a high-quality phone or a landline as it leaves less room for misinterpretation and cuts the odds of disconnection to a minimum.


One more important thing to do is to find out as much information as you can about the company and the job description. Referring to the company websites can act as one of the best sources of information about the company details. Look for the details about the size and structure of the company, its products and its markets.

Once you are done with research work, you need to prepare a list of questions and their answers that you feel can be asked during the interview. If your interview is based on the questions, you need to make a proper chart of the question that may follow. However, you can have questions about the training and salary packages.


When you are going through a phone interview, there is no face to face interaction, which means that you don’t have the interviewer right in your front asking questions from you. So all you need to be prepared with your fullest resources. Having the proper help options is the best thing that you can do during the interview.

If you have the option of web access, you can consult the website for the proper answers to the questions of the interviewer.

Open up the company’s website in your browser and have another window open to the search engine of your choice. Be sure that the interviewer cannot hear the sound while you are typing. This can be done with the help of your friend or a virtual keyboard.


Last but not the least thing that you need to look after is that you choose a proper place for your phone interview. Make sure your space feels professional like you would be in an interview room.

Proper papers and other things that you feel are important during the interview should be kept well in advance. Getting too comfortable in your room can hamper your response to the questions.

The more controlled the space you’re calling from, the less room for distractions and other unanticipated events. Turn off all your unnecessary phone accessories or try shifting them to your answer machine as you will never want to get distracted during a phone interview by a credit card operator. These commotions can be a diversion and humiliation, disrupting your odds of advancing the meeting procedure.


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