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Hulk’s Son Kobe Is The Pit Bull Of The Future: DOG DYNASTY


Keep in mind Hulk, the world’s greatest pitbull? He’s currently a father… and his “puppy” could soon match him in size

Fanatics of Hulk, the greatest pitbull on the planet, will be satisfied to discover that the prized pooch is presently a father.

Meet Kobe, Hulk’s child – who appears as though he may soon equal his dear old father in size.

Kobe is currently set be the following extreme assurance puppy, and will finish proprietor Marlon Grennan’s preparation school close by his seven kin.

Prior in the year, 12-stone Hulk fathered eight puppies, and on the off chance that they all complete Marlon’s instructional class to wind up world class security canines, they could all things considered charge an incredible £320,000.

Marlon, 28, is as of now preparing the following enormous star of Dark Dynasty K9s with eight-month-old puppy Kobe.

He said: “My notoriety is based on how I breed and prepare my mutts. I’m searching for the following Hulk – the star without bounds. Furthermore, this puppy is the star without bounds.

“Mass is the most celebrated pooch that I have however I am continually searching for the following huge thing so I must continue walking forward and I think we have something here.

“Kobe is a brilliant puppy, his dad is the Hulk, he has incredible vitality, extraordinary adjust.”

He included: “I can see Kobe being a star without bounds; you can’t expel qualities like that. He has what it takes.

“I know when I see a puppy that is going to do it – and he’s going to do it.”

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