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Miami Ink Tatto Designs Review — My Honest Opinion

miami-ink-tattoo-designsThanks for checking out my Blog. You’ve come to the right place if your looking for a comprehensive, honest and unbiased review of Miami Ink Tattoo Designs.

OK, so your thinking about getting a tattoo! Well, if your anything like me when my 18 year old son came to me and wanted to get his first tattoo you may just be filled with all kinds of anxiety. Getting a tattoo is probably one of the most personal and permanent decisions you can make.

It is one of the many things in life that should not be taken lightly and should be done only after careful consideration to WHAT and WHERE you want to permanently put ink on your body.

So many times in my life I have known someone who has gotten a tattoo only to regret it years and sometimes just months afterward. I can’t tell you how crucial it is to do your homework beforehand and educate yourself. Tattoos are a very personal choice and a beautiful form of body art. So, choose wisely since the reversing process is not that easy. Click Here To Visit Miami Ink Tattoo Designs Official Website

So what exactly do you get with the Miami Ink Tattoo Designs web site?

Miami Ink Tattoo Designs is a online membership web site that boasts an amazing catalog collection of over 25,000 designs in over 60 different categories. They have two membership levels. Click here to view membership levels. The site is continually adding new designs so that their members “never run out of fresh ideas.” One of the benefits to the membership is “The Learning Center”

This area contains articles covering a range of topics from getting your first tattoo, how to pick a design, how to pick a reputable studio, questions to ask perspective tattoo artists, caring for your new tattoo, tattoo removal options and much, much more on many other topics.

For you want to be artists, the site also has information on how to learn to tattoo. I personally found this area invaluable. And all packed in one place. Couldn’t get any easier than that.

Another new addition the web site recently added was “The Video Library.” In this area the members can watch numerous different videos on the A-Z’s of tattooing. Great tool packed with great information.  Click Here To Visit Miami Ink Tattoo Designs Official Website

Pros or good things:

*The main purpose for the site is to offer customers with a one stop shop and learn experience, which it does deliver. *With the amazing amount of designs to the complete knowledge base that it contains, its as perfect for the first timers as it is for the experienced veterans.

*There’s very little chance that your won’t find that perfect design that speaks of your individuality and creative expression. You can even combine designs for a unique tattoo.

*It helps to educate you on the whole tattooing process, and it couldn’t have been more simplified. It’s as easy as print your design, take to your favorite studio, and have an excellent artist of your choice ink you with your new artistic creation.

Cons or bad things:

*The only thing that I can see that might be a little detouring is that you have to sign up immediately with your name and email address before accessing the site. Not a big deal for most, but some might not like it. (The web site does state that your information is safe.)
*The site does not guarantee that sexually explicit material is always blocked. (Although they will usually warn you before hand.)
*At times some of the videos were a little slow at playing, but not to the point that they wouldn’t load, and again, not a big deal.

Overall what do I think?

Miami Ink Tattoo Designs is a fully functional web site with an unparalleled amount of information at your fingertips. They couldn’t have simplified the process more. It’s a one stop learn and shop for your perfect tattoo design. It definitely made our lives easier when my son was getting his first tattoo. After hours of research online we finally found our answer. I highly recommend Miami Ink Tattoo Designs to anyone looking for tattoo art and to learn from the vast knowledge contained on the site.




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