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Psoriasis Causes


Psoriasis is a chronic non contagious skin disease. Psoriasis Causes the skin of a person to swell and become red in color. These red patches are covered with silvery white scales or flakes.

Though psoriasis may spread to various parts of the human body, it mainly occurs on the knees, lower back, chest, elbows and scalp.

There are five different forms of psoriasis namely Inverse psoriasis, Plaque psoriasis, Erythrodermic psoriasis, Pustular psoriasis and Guttate Psoriasis.

There are no such specific irregularities, that one can demarcate, as the causes of psoriasis. According to medics, there are certain constituents of the human immune system that are responsible for the division of skin cell.

The damage suffered by these constituents is one, of the many, Psoriasis Causes. It leads to inflammation and the rapid growth of keratinocytes.

Certain external factors are responsible for this damage and these include genetic factors, surrounding environment and excessive stress.

Psoriasis Causes: Genetic

Though non contagious, psoriasis is often hereditary. A child can be diagnosed with the disease, if one of his grandparents suffered from the same skin disease.

Medical research has revealed that a child has a 10% chance of being affected by the disease if one of his parents suffers from it. In case both the parents are affected the chances of the child acquiring it rise to 30%.


Psoriasis Causes: Damaged Immunity System

Certain components of the immunity system when damaged cause psoriasis. Under normal body conditions, white cells counter external bodies like viruses and bacteria.

In case of psoriasis, these white blood cells prevent the growth of normal skin tissues. These cells also aid in the production of healing chemicals.

But in a person suffering from psoriasis, the production of these healing chemicals is excessive and these result in the swelling of the joints and the skin.

Psoriasis causes: Physical

Excessive stress can also be one of the factors behind the spread of psoriasis, a common psoriasis cause. The ailment also results in a lot of stress and this is manifested by the increasing inflammation of the skin.

Moreover, physical injuries like a cut, infections, bruise and burns also, at times, lead to psoriasis. A small injury, that you may hardly notice, can also be a psoriasis cause.

Our knees and elbows often suffer such minor injuries. These are often affected by psoriasis and it is termed as Koebner phenomenon

Psoriasis causes: Drugs and Medications

The intake of certain drugs, especially the ones used to cure heart ailments, bipolar disorders and high blood pressure have been discovered to aggravate psoriasis condition.

Drugs meant for curing malaria may also lead to skin inflammation and scales and thus result in psoriasis.

Psoriasis causes: External

The external weather also affects the ways in which the human body functions. Psoriasis is generally common amongst people living in cooler climes.

People living in warm and humid places, where the sun shines for a large part of the year, are less prone towards acquiring a skin disease like psoriasis.

However, there have been cases where patients have been diagnosed with photosensitive psoriasis. This form of psoriasis intensifies during the summers and is visibly minimal during the winters.

We cannot point out particular deficiencies or abnormalities as psoriasis causes. Found in 1% to 3% of the global population, psoriasis causes can be regarded as a combination of several biotic, genetic, climatic and medical factors. Learn more on the different psoriasis cures available

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