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Psoriasis Treatments Medicines use and losses

Learn how to get complete control of this bothersome, annoying and exasperating disease



Internet is perhaps the greatest social revolution in history. With 600 millions internet users today, the web is facilitating new ways to group people with diverse causes and purposes and in our case related to an specific health condition as psoriasis.

Before Internet, the main sources of information on collateral damages due to medicament use, that the common citizen had were the physician and pharmaceutical labs. Many diseases of chronic or acute type are classified of genetic origin and of unknown cause.

Based on this theory, pharmaceutical labs are focusing their research to find solutions to eliminate diseases symptoms. This represents a major increase in profits, because of recurrences to the medicament during the course of disease. It is also a recurrent stream of income to the medical community.

Pharmaceutical labs, once the medicament is approved by the competent authority (FDA at the United States), are not interested in to find long terms secondary effects on prescribed patients.

The real problem with this procedure is that, if the medicament treats the symptoms but not the cause of disease, a long term use of the medicament is promoted. If you have gastritis and gastritis give you head pain, the use of pain killers do not solve the gastritis problem. The permanent use of medicaments could have serious health problems at long term.

Internet will allow the evaluation of health problems derived of long term use of medicaments, through support and help groups that are independents of the pharmaceutical community.

The information that we could obtain from these groups, will allow us to know the secondary long term effects of medicaments, but also the causes of chronic and acute diseases.


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The prolonged use of medicaments focused to symptoms suppression of psoriasis and arthritis promotes internal problems. These problems causes psoriasis becomes a chronic disease. When psoriasis becomes chronics the common belief is that is incurable. Metrotexate causes liver damage, cyclosporine causes kidneys damage and frequently high blood pressure.

In the teleconferencing promoted by the Psoriasis Information Network on the topic “What’s on the Horizon in Psoriasis Treatment”, with the participation of Kenneth Gordon, M.D., explains that “Current treatments for psoriasis focus on alleviating the unpleasant symptoms of this skin disease. Many experts agree that the future of psoriasis treatment lies in attacking the root of the problem in the body’s own immune system”.

Explains Dr. Gordon that “In patients with psoriasis, there’s something that sets off the immune system. We don’t know quite what that is. In some patients, it’s an infection, be it a strep throat or a viral infection. It could be stress. We don’t exactly have a handle, but what happens is, specific immune cells, called T-cells, get activated in the body, and they get to the skin. Those immune cells, the T-cells within the skin, induce changes in the other cells of the skin.

They cause the keratinocytes, the top layer of skin, to start progressively getting more active, to proliferate more rapidly, and also not to mature normally. At the same time, there are changes which induce blood vessels to grow. As more of these T-cells come into the skin, the condition gets worse, and the patient with psoriasis will develop the plaques”.

“The mechanism by which the new treatments work is blocking the activity of those T-cells. We have a model at Northwestern (University) that we like to use to think about these new medications. One way to deactivate the T-cells is to kill off the T-cells, get rid of the ones that are causing the disease.


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What you have to do in that case is find that most specific population and hit those cells, because that leaves the rest of the immune system intact. The other advantage of that strategy is it potentially could allow those cells to be eliminated and give patients longer term remissions of disease”.

“A second strategy which has been used very much is to deactivate these cells — not allow the T-cells to become active and do their function. A third strategy is to change the way they behave, and a fourth strategy is to take those things that are causing the skin changes, called cytokines, and block their action, gobble them up before they have a chance to do their job”.
Several doubts arise with the above arguments:

1) If T-cells are activated by one cause (i.e, undigested foods particles flowing into bloodstream through a Leaky Gut) why not to look for this cause to solve this problem?

2) When T-cells are killed, the immune system could be weakened.

See following warnings on the uses of Remicade® Infliximab Recombinant a Biologics drug and Embrel/etanercept: Tuberculosis (frequently disseminated or extrapulmonary at clinical presentation), invasive fungal infections, and other opportunistic infections, have been observed in patients receiving Remicade. Some of these infections have been fatal.

Patients should be evaluated for latent tuberculosis infection with tuberculosis skin test.1. Treatment of latent tuberculosis infection should be initiated prior to therapy with Remicade.

In May 10, 1999, the FDA warned about Enbrel cautions that adverse event reports indicate that certain patients receiving Enbrel therapy developed serious infections, including sepsis. Several Enbrel patients died from their infections and in October 10, 2000, the FDA wrote to all doctors warning of the risks of multiple sclerosis and other central nervous system (CNS) disorders, as well as pancytopenia and aplastic anemia associated with the use of Enbrel.


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3) Long term secondary effects are underestimated Vioxx (chemical name rofecoxib, a nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug NSAID) withdrawal from the market by Merck was not due to an study of its long term secondary effects, but because Merck was looking for a new application.

“Merck & Co., Inc. today announced a voluntary worldwide withdrawal of VIOXX® (rofecoxib), its arthritis and acute pain medication. The company’s decision, which is effective immediately, is based on new, three-year data from a prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial, the APPROVe (Adenomatous Polyp Prevention on VIOXX) trial. The trial, which is being stopped, was designed to evaluate the efficacy of VIOXX 25 mg in preventing recurrence of colorectal polyps in patients with a history of colorectal adenomas.”

“Merck is withdrawing Vioxx from the market after the data safety monitoring board overseeing a long-term study of the drug recommended that the study be halted because of an increased risk of serious cardiovascular events, including heart attacks and strokes, among study patients taking Vioxx compared to patients receiving placebo.”

A comparative research by David J. Graham sponsored by the FDA, found that 27,785 deaths could be attributed to Vioxx.

4) The current research on new treatments are very expensive and so the treatments.

Remicade, Humira y Enbrel treatments costs are in the order of $14.000 a year.Our recommendation about these treatments is that people with psoriasis resort to them as secondary choice treatments. 

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In Natural Medicine diseases are not caused by lack of something, such as vitamins or drugs, but for something that are in the body and that it does not belong to it, such as wastes, infections or toxins. Wastes are the limitless products derived of recent digestion and metabolism or the result of many years of accumulation.

Toxins could be the product of a life ingesting and breathing toxic substances from the environment, such as pesticides, food preservatives, drugs, atmosphere toxins and contaminated waters. Infections are virus, parasites, fungus and bacteria of recent origin or accumulated through years and some of them could be congenital. 

According to several sources, applications of topical steroids on psoriasis plaques have potentially harmful side effects that can include stretch marks, thinning skin and dilution of tiny blood vessels.

Use of large amounts or long-term use of these drugs also can cause more serious side effects, including hypertension, central obesity, diabetes, hairiness, acne, osteoporosis, weakening of bones, impaired wound healing, decreased resistance to infection, muscular wasting and behavioral changes such as mania and psychosis.

More importantly, it can suppress the body’s ability to produce its own corticosteroids in helping it fight infection or deal with body trauma.

Recent studies of genetics, allows us to determine that many diseases of chronics or acute type are correlated to genetic causes. These causes are related to imperfect genes. However not all persons with imperfect genes develop a disease.

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It is required that the person with imperfect genes be exposed to specific environmental factors that trigger the disease. These specific factors are wastes, infections and toxins.

As these wastes, infections and toxins are main factors in the development of chronic and acute diseases, we must get rid of them to recover health. These substances are interfering with the normal functioning of organism, causing inflammations and intestinal permeability, the flowing of micro bacteria, undigested foods and candida to the blood stream, the over load of the filtering system of liver and the creation of nests on different places of the body.

If we eliminate the causes of intestinal inflammations and permeability, help the liver and other organs in the elimination of accumulated substances, all of these generating the psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, we are given a great step to an optimal health.

The remedies that have the greater probability of yield better results are those that are directed to body des intoxication and recovery from intestinal permeability. Drugs accumulate more wastes in our organism and are not useful in des intoxicating our body.

In “Rethinking the Psoriasis” eBook, you will find information on how to clean your organism of unwanted wastes, infections and toxins, a psoriasis diet and three natural products that work wonderful in recovering from the Leaky Gut Syndrome, your liver dysfunction, your enzyme and probiotics deficiency. After some time you will be amazed in how you are getting free of your psoriasis. Learn more on the different psoriasis and cures

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