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Recommendations for asthma patients

• Do not smoke; Do not allow smoking at home and around you,
• Stay away from dusty and smoky areas,
• Cover your bed and pillow with a dust-proof sheath, renew your old pillows every 5 years
• Wash OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATE sheets and quilts in hot water every week
• Do not feed animals at home, if you are allergic to animals, stay away from them
• Do not use air conditioners or filter, install the air conditioner regularly
• Remove household items or clean them regularly
• Asthmatics are generally allergic to cockroaches, eliminate cockroaches
• Repair faucets, pipes and other water sources dripping against the house kufin,
• Do not use oven-stove, kerosene heater if possible and do not burn fireplace
• Avoid strong odors and sprays such as perfume, talcum powder, hair sprey and paint
• Keep the windows closed during the allergy season and, if possible, stay at home during windy hours where the pollen is intense and keep the windows closed
• Ask your doctor if you need any additional adjustments to your asthma treatment before starting the allergy season
• Even if you have asthma, you can live an active life. However, if activities such as exercise, play or intense work increase the symptoms of asthma, talk to your doctor,
• Protect yourself from colds and diseases, be absolutely flu-like
• Rest well enough, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, drink plenty of fluids
• asthma-myte Stay away from sulphited foods, if you are causing asthma symptoms, do not drink beer or wine, eat shrimp, dried fruit, or processed potatoes
• Learn and safeguard any risk factors that trigger your asthma
• One of the most important points to be taken care of in asthma treatment is to follow doctor’s recommendations and to continue regular checks.
• Asthma is a chronic disease and therefore the basis of treatment is patient education; Get as much information as possible from your doctor about your illness


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