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How To Recover Lost And Deleted Photos


A memory card is a small, non-volatile storage media used for storing digital information. You can store a large number of photos, videos, music files, etc. on a single memory card. Memory cards are most commonly used in electronic device such as digital camera, mobile phones, MP3 players, etc.

However, along with the various advantages offered by memory cards, it is a matter of fact that they are prone to instant data loss! The worst situation occurs when you lose your precious photos, videos, and other multimedia files due to accidental deletion, virus attack, memory card formatting, or memory card corruption.

It is beyond our scope to completely avoid such unpredictable scenarios of photo/music/video loss from the memory card. However, an efficient memory card data recovery software like Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery can recover all the lost, deleted, or formatted images, videos, music files, etc. from memory cards. Let us discuss some common scenarios in which one loses his/her memorable photos, videos, and other multimedia files from memory cards.

Common Situations of Memory Card Data Loss:

Most of the times mishandling of digital camera, mobile phone, or various other electronic devices (which use memory card to store multimedia data) leads to stored images and videos loss.

Some common situations of memory card data loss are:

Pulling out the Memory Card without switching the camera/mobile phone off:

Yes! This is one of the major causes of memory card data loss. Sometimes we pull the memory card out of our digital camera or mobile phone without switching them off, which leads to abrupt abortion of the process, resulting in valuable data loss.

Ignoring the warnings of digital camera/mobile phone/other electronic gadgets:

Sometimes ignorance of certain warning messages of our digital camera/ memory card/ other electronic devices leads to the loss of our valuable data. The warning messages, such as ‘low battery’ or ‘memory card full’ indicate that you should not forcefully add data to the memory card.

Accidental Deletion of Memory Card Data:

You may accidentally delete photos, videos, or other multimedia files from the memory card of your digital camera/ mobile phone/ other electronic devices.

Accidental/ Unwanted Formatting of Memory Card:

Due to various reasons such as virus attack, file system corruption, etc, you need to format your memory card. This unwanted formatting causes severe data loss. Sometimes by pressing the format button of your digital camera accidentally, you end up losing your data.

However, Stellar Photo Recovery Software is one of the effective tools that can efficiently get back your inaccessible, lost, or deleted pictures, videos, and other multimedia files. The easy recovery steps of this software enable a smooth recovery experience for the users.


How to recover lost Deleted photos from Memory Card:

Mentioned below are the steps to recover lost & deleted multimedia files from memory cards using Stellar Photo Recovery Software.

Attach the memory card to your computer through the card reader.

Open Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software.
You can either click ‘Start Scan’ icon shown under Data Recovery tab of main interface or press ‘Start Scan’ button at the bottom of the interface.

Select the attached memory card, shown as a separate drive at the left pane of the interface and then press ‘Start Scan’. Note: the ‘Start Scan’ button will get activated only after you select the memory card.

This software ensures maximum photo recovery from below mentioned situations:

Accidental deletion
Read/Write error
File system corruption
Intentional or unintentional formatting of media
Corruption or damage in the storage media

Now, the revolving ‘Recover’ button and progress bar indicates the ongoing scanning process with concurrent preview of the recoverable multimedia files at the top right pane. While at the left pane, all the scanned files and folders are grouped according to their file types such as Audio Files, Image Files, Video Files etc.

After the scanning of the attached memory card, the revolving ‘Recover’ button stops.

At the bottom right pane, the files in the selected folder are listed. However, you can select all the recoverable multimedia folders or some specific files in a folder for recovery and press ‘Recover’ button. Soon after you press the ‘Recover’ button, you will be prompted to choose your desired location to save the recovered files. Select the location and press OK. All the ecovered files are saved at this location.

Supported Memory Card Types:
Stellar Photo Recovery software supports almost all memory card formats, some of which are:

SD, SDHC, miniSD, microSD, xD-Photo Card, CF Card, MMC Card, SmartMedia Card, and Memory Stick. Thus, the recovery of your precious multimedia files is just few steps away!!! So download your version Now!!!



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