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Tea with Black Spot and Acne Treatment

Black tea is a type of tea consumed in Turkey. It is a bit different from other tea varieties. In the production of black tea, tea leaves are more oxidized than in other teas. Due to this oxidation, black tea is more intense and tastier and different.

Certainly there is also the negative side of oxidation. This negativity is to reduce the nutrient value due to over-oxidation. Thus, when nutritional value falls, the benefit of tea falls.

The use of a different technique in the production of black tea makes the life of the tea longer. So although the life of green tea is short, the life of black tea is quite long.

The benefits of black tea are quite excessive. Some of those; It is good for heart and vascular diseases, reduces kidney stone risk, prevents vascular occlusion, provides skin care, opens mind.

Acne and Black Points

Acne associated with adolescence, which varies according to skin type and person, increases or decreases in relation to nutrition. Especially if black spots, fatty foods are consumed it is possible to multiply.

For every food you eat will come back to you in a way. Black spots and acorns are also made up of these fat deposits.

There are many ways to get rid of these acne and black spots. Masks made especially with natural routes provide skin care.

There is a way to get rid of black tea and black spots and acne. It is possible to both care for your skin and to get rid of your complaints with a mask with a tactile point.

Black tea contains various rich values ​​such as vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium, potassium. It also contains caffeine and also has a bleaching feature.

Black tea cleanses skin tone differences, equals shine and moisturizes the skin. You can apply the mask made with black tea as follows;

Place the black tea bag in a cup. Stir in cold water and pour into a cup as hot water will be more. Wait for a few minutes until the water turns dark brown. So the tea will be brewed.

And drive the tea you make, face to face. It is likely to flow, so you can put a towel under your head. You can also make tea bags by putting face to face. The tea leaves from the bag you are laying will dry. You can then put the cooled tea bag back into hot water.

This will make your skin tight. It will also make your skin whiten because of caffeine. You will get positive results when you apply this mask regularly every day.

Tea with Black Spot and Acne Treatment


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