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What are the negative effects of bee pollen?

bee pollen

Although bee pollen is rich in essential nutrients and has certain therapeutic properties, there are some side effects that you need to know about.

Persons sensitive to substance may experience a serious reaction when exposed to airborne material. Possible bee pollen side effects may vary from small reactions to death.

Sneezing is perhaps one of the most common side effects of bee pollen. This usually causes the nose to run, the eyes to scratch and the throat to be drawn.

All of these irritations, nasal discharge and discomfort in the throat of the eyes are caused by the production of histamine, which causes the enlargement of the nose blood vessels.

This causes the nasal passages to swell and then cause a feeling of congestion. When a pollen-allergic person enters the body, a pollen layer of mucus forms around the particle and immediately coughs.

Pollen also caused swelling in the area injected for treatment. Swelling and redness may last for more than twenty-four hours, or if the affected area is more than five centimeters in diameter, it may cause personality problems.

Antihistamines and cold compresses should be used to relieve swelling. However, swelling should be taken as a sign to reduce the dosage of pollen before serious reactions occur.

Be sure to maintain a dosage level that does not cause an allergic reaction for a period of at least two weeks before attempting to repeat the dosage increase.

Asthma is another bee pollen side effect. There are some people who are allergic to pollens when they are exposed to the air.

These symptoms can become serious and trigger asthma attacks. Irritation in the throat and in the eyes can cause a serious illness of the respiratory system; Which can make it difficult for the affected person to breathe.

Moreover, bronchial passages are likely to be squeezed, mucus production is triggered in large quantities, and an infection may develop in bronchial tubes.

The most serious side effect of bee pollen is anaphylactic shock. This pollen is a systemic reaction to ingestion.

Allergy skin tests and immunotherapy can cause airway obstruction and require a sudden dose of epinephrine. Epinephrine is an intramuscular injectable drug that helps fight against an allergic reaction.

The weight of anaphylactic shock should not be so weak as it can lead to sudden death. It appears within a few minutes after injection.

Allergic extracts should therefore only be used after they have been given by a medical office so that if there is a need for immediate intervention, medical equipment is available to cover the bee pollen side effects as soon as possible.


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