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What is Asthma?

What is Asthma
What is Asthma

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a persistent inflammatory disease of the intrapulmonary airways called bronchi. This inflammation It can be caused by allergies or frequent infections.

In my asthma:
– Airways are inflamed, swollen and red,
– Airways are tightened due to the closure,
-The airlines have extreme sensitivity.

What is Hypersensitivity in Airlines?

Hypersensitivity in airways can occur when a normal person’s airways Excessive cigarette smoke, perfume, food and some other odors that do not cause a
The bronchial constriction is a reaction. It’s a coughing crisis and Shortness of breath may occur.

What are the symptoms of asthma?

Cough lasting longer than 3 weeks

It’s a feeling of congestion

Shortness of breath is on the rise, especially at night It is typical. Among the attacks, the patient usually has no complaints of shortness of breath. One of the patients Breathing can become a constant state and the quality of life of the patient Sleeping nights, loss of work, urgency, hospitalization Can be.

Asthmatics do not necessarily have to be breathless. Watching coughing
There are asthma formulas. Especially when coughing, exhaling from the night and waking the patient from sleep Asthma should come to mind as a possible diagnosis when there is coughing in the vicinity.

Asthma Attack
Asthma Attack

What happens to Asthma Attack?

In asthma attacks, there is usually a trigger factor. The underlying underlying cause is in most patients Allergies are the most common cause of asthma attacks in patients following infections
. Inflammation in airways in asthma attacks is increasing, Shrink.

In the airways, the secretion of sputum-producing cells increases and sputum plugs are formed It blocks airways.

There are also muscle fibers present around the airways that contract Causing further pathology and further constriction of the airways.

What is the cause of asthma?

Asthma is mainly a genetic disease. Asthma in people with close family history of asthma The probability of development is higher. Family history of asthma without genetic basis
Depending on the disorder there is the possibility of developing asthma. In addition, asthma in environmental factors Can play a role in the development.

Can Asthma Be Totally Destroyed?

It may not be possible to completely eliminate asthma, but full control in asthma may be possible. Full control of asthma is possible, especially through regular follow-up, disciplined drug use, and fulfillment of doctor’s recommendations.

What Does Asthma Require Full Control?

In asthma, a full control patient has no side effects such as no breathing, coughing, no feeling of clogging in the throat, no shortness of breath with effort, no waking at night, no relief medication, no urgency due to shortness of breath, It is not an effect. It is the most accessible goal of the patients.

How to follow up at home in asthma?

Follow-up at home in asthma can easily be done by the patient. The patient’s goal should be to provide full control. For this, you should regularly evaluate your condition while regularly using the medicines recommended by the physician.

When making these assessments objective and going to check, they can hold symptom scores so that the doctor can understand how the situation is between the two controls. There are different symptom score forms.

The patient can schedule the symptom on a daily basis with a simple schedule: 0 = no breathing 1 = mild breathing 2 = moderate breathlessness 3 = severe breathlessness. Details can be added to the same chart, such as whether there is use of rescue medication, waking up at night, or whether it wakes up at night.

You can also have a rough idea about the respiratory functions in your home with an acid pump called PEFMETER. According to the age and height of the patient, normal values ​​are determined by the physician and it can be said that it is necessary to apply to the physician after considering certain values ​​that the patient should use rescue medication under certain values.

 How to follow up at a hospital in asthma?

There is no need to draw a chest X-ray frequently in asthmatic patients. It is enough to draw a chiropractic chart to distinguish other diseases at the initial diagnosis of the disease. At the beginning, allergy skin tests can be done. It can be seen whether the number of allergy cells in blood and nasal secretions increases.

The patient is then tested for pulmonary function. If respiratory function tests are possible, the changes in some parameters can be monitored by repeating each visit. If you have a disorder in your pulmonary function tests, give a drug that will open the bronchi after 15-20 minutes 2. A test may be performed to determine the response level of the bronchial obstruction.

If the respiratory functions are normal, bronchial asthma may be administered at the stage of diagnosis, provoking bronchial hyperreactivity



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