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What to Include in a Cover Letter

When you apply for a job, there are many things that you need to keep in account. A cover letter is one important thing that you need to include with your resume. One should know what to include in a cover letter for a good job interview because the better your cover letter is, the better are the chances that you get selected for the post.

For this purpose you need to have excellent cover letter attachment with your resume to make your job application a true success. For all those who aren’t aware of the details about the cover letter, this article will surely help you with detail knowledge of the things that your attractive cover letter should have.


A cover letter is a key element whenever you think of applying for a job. A cover letter provides a brief outlook of your qualifications and job experience. This letter also gives an idea of what kind of job you are looking for. A good cover letter is always preferred by interviewers as it helps them to decide that where can you fit in the organization. It also gives an idea as to why you think, you are ideal for such a job.

Some job applications make a common mistake of adding everything from their resume in the cover letter, which is not correct. Generally, it is the front page of a resume, and acts as an overview of your interest in the particular job. If you are applying for a position in several companies, it is recommended that you attach a new letter to every resume.

So a cover letter should be well written and for that you need to know the best way to write it. There are several steps of writing a good cover letter, and in the following paragraphs we give you details of that.


Before you decide to write a cover letter there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind. For a good cover letter you need to have a complete research about the company, so that you know exactly what kind of firm it is.

Doing so will help you know their current needs and their plans for the future. The most important thing that you should necessarily include in your cover letter is the details of your educational qualifications, training, and contact information.

A good letter should always be written in a very simple and clear language. It should consist of true information, and a neat and professional appearance. One more thing that you should keep in mind is the quality of the paper you use for the letter.

It is recommended to use quality paper, similar to the paper used for the resume. Ensure that you do not mention any details regarding your salary expectations. Like for all other corporate documents, the cover letter too should not include any grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors.


The good format of the cover letter says that you need to write your address on top right hand corner of the page about four inches from the top of the page. After this you should leave about four lines and then mention the date.

Now leave four more lines and enter the name and address of the company you are applying in and then address the letter to an individual. Don’t write titles like “Sir”, “Mam” or “Dear”.

The body of the letter should be distributed in three or four paragraphs. Design your letter in such a way that it covers all your details in a proper manner and the reader goes through it with a good interest.


The first paragraph of the letter should include the proper reason for applying for the job. Make sure that this is done in not more than three lines. Secondly, mention the post you are applying for.

Then comes the opening line, which should be written in such a way that the readers take note of your application in this line itself. Until mentioned there is no need to specify the source from where you got the information of the opening.


This paragraph is where you need to mention about your relevant qualifications. You need to be sure that the qualifications that you are mentioning are appropriate for the job. You may even include your interest in working with the organization.

Add things that you believe that you are the best for the company in order to achieve their goals. For such reasons you need to have a complete research about the company beforehand.


This can be your final section that directs towards your curriculum vitae. Don’t make this paragraph too lengthy, try to cut it short up to 4 lines. You can even state the time period you will be available for their reply.

Appreciate the fact you will welcome their response as soon as possible and end the lines with your email address and contact number.


Once you are done with the body of letter, the next thing you need to look for is the way you end it. A proper letter should always concluded with remarks like “yours sincerely” or “yours faithfully”. Leave a few lines for your signature and then mention your name.


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